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About Us

Filter You is a fun design company, headed towards the Metaverse, curating Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Solutions. We are a Bangalore-based creative agency, with a young GenZ team focused on making customized AR VR experiences for brands. Started 2 years ago we've worked with 50+ global brands to publish over 100+ AR VR experiences. 


Filter You 


With some experience in AR/VR gained by growing Gamerzloop - a games arcade located at Commercial street in Bangalore, Abdul began consulting for growth for a UK SAAS company.

While ideating for a product launch for a B2B SAAS product - Abdul wanted to get an AR experience built.

Seeing that the present services were too expensive or unavailable, he decided to do what he does best - build it himself.

Eventually, Abdul’s ex-boss asked him to work on it. He decided to go all in and make this a full-time thing.

Abdul Khalid Founder of Filter You leading the vision.

Abdul Khalid


Crazy enough to think he can change the world and will someday.

Vaisiri Jagdish Co-Founder of Filter You Excited and Passionate about AR experiences.

Vaisiri Jagdish


She sprinkles magic everywhere she goes with a twist of creativity and fun.

Before AR, Siri, a total movie buff, was a shining star in the Kannada film industry (KFI)! But when Covid hit the brakes, she decided to finish her studies. While getting her MBA, she teamed up with Abdul and dove headfirst into the crazy world of AR. In fact, her MBA thesis was all about it!

She’s an influencer, actress, go getter, event manager and keeps everything happy and crazy at Filter You.

Siri and Abdul have been best friends for over 10 years and he built a filter for her called SiriPiri, back when she was a full-time influencer.

He was building the concept of

Filter You, while guiding Siri through her MBA thesis project about AR. 

Things tumbled - they met the KGF team and viola over a Rajdhani Thali - Filter You got its Founder and Co-Founder working on Filter You. 

Storytellers at filter you

"Be what youwant to be"

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