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Filter You Services - Social AR Experiences, AR Marketing, Metaverse Solutions

Create True Social AR Experiences
From Social Filters to Metaverse Solutions

Filter You Unleashes Creativity in Our AR Ideas : Funky, New, and Envisioned for Viral Brand Interaction. We're not just Creative Technologists, but Collaborative Team Players.
P.S. We don’t restrict inputs.

An engaging 'this or that' filter for Crocs on the occasion of Croctober

Social AR Experiences

Still posting photos and videos and expecting engagement?

Try AR filters on Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok to drive social buzz. 

Filter You built a gamified AR experience for the luxury car brand Porsche and boosted reach through AR Marketing

AR Marketing

Reimagine Your marketing experience.

AR Marketing that Drives Engagement & Sales.

Filter You: Building Immersive Metaverse Experiences for Brands such as Spatial, Roblox and Sandbox

Metaverse Solutions

Create next gen experiences to engage audiences in a whole new format! Create Gamified worlds, Retail Metaverses and Virtual Showrooms. 

Leveraging AI & AR Technologies to Enhance Brand Engagement

Sketch to AI

AI and AR Experiences


Let your customers create their own branded AI content – Imagine customers as branded superheroes, theme songs, custom recipes, user generated product ideas and more!

Filter You's AI lets you explore intelligent image, text, touch and sound generation, perfect for engaging campaigns which are shareable and go viral.

AI & AR Exp
XR Experiences


Reimagine interaction for your Brand with  Innovative Extended Reality Experiences

At Filter You, we're your one-stop shop for you to navigate the complex XR world :

A glimpse of our XR expertise : 

  • Virtual Stadium Experiences for immersive fan engagement.

  • Custom Gamified Web AR Experiences to drive user interaction and User Generated Content. 

  • Location-Mapped Reality for place-based activation campaigns, great for retail. 

  • VR Simulation and Training for enhanced learning and employee development.

  • Virtual Showrooms / Tours for product visualization and sales.

  • Virtual Real Estate Tours for immersive property exploration.

  • AR Retail Standee Activation to bring products to life in-store.

Plus Industry leading development with brands like 8th Wall, Niantic, Zappar etc. 

P.S. We use AI in these too

LSG Stadium: Book tickets & explore with 360° AR!

360° Virtual LSG Stadium

XR experiences
Blockchain AR: Track pizza provenance with interactive filter.

Bon Appetech

At Filter you we've made history by creating the World's First Phygital NFTs (physical-digital tokens). 


The Next Frontier: AR Experiences Powered by Blockchain

Unlock a treasure trove of possibilities!

From Secure & Verifiable AR Experiences, Interactive Experiences with Gamified Rewards to frictionless payments in VR -


We deploy secure assets on the Matic network, ensuring ownership and authenticity and bring these assets alive with secure AR on social media and XR. 

We're also building on Leading Blockchain Platforms like Algorand, Decentraland, Sandbox, Roblox, GALA, and Axie Infinity.
We tailor creative technology to your needs. 



CGI Videos

Attention spans lower than ever ?

Break through the clutter and grab eyeballs!
Imagine eye-catching visuals that blur the lines between reality and imagination. Filter You's Viral CGI videos stops viewers dead in their social feeds and sparks curiosity leaving them wanting for more. 

Amazon Fire Stick 4K: Immersive CGI experience.

Amazon Fire Stick

Collection of Custom AR Stickers & GIFs: Enhance your brand engagement!


 Speak your consumers language

Gen Z and Millennials are leading the way in a new communication style – one filled with expressive stickers and GIFs. This presents a unique opportunity for brands to connect with these audiences on a deeper level.

Filter You's Intelligent Stickers and GIFs are more than just fun visuals (on god-they are so much fun, big yiikes if you miss).

They're strategically crafted to: infiltrate conversations organically, boost Brand Recall &. Drive Engagement, fostering a stronger brand relationship with your consumers.

Some of our Intelligent Stickers have achieved over 10 million organic views!

Gifs & Stickers
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