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AR Marketing

Break Through the Noise, Immerse Your Audience 

Attention spans are shrinking and traditional advertising is struggling to keep up. Younger consumers crave engaging, interactive experiences that go beyond static ads.

AR Marketing is a game changer for your brand to stand out in a sea of posts, reels, and TikToks. Research shows that AR ads can increase purchase intent by a staggering 86%.

Filter You: Your AR Marketing Experts

Our research demonstrates that AR experiences capture twice the attention of traditional digital mediums.

We build bussin’ AR experiences and have incredible ways of delivering them. Filter You is constantly innovating ways to market your AR experiences.

We don't just create AR experiences – we help brands.


Drive purchase decisions and build brand loyalty.

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Keep your brand top-of-mind with engaging experiences.



Stand out from the competition with innovative AR marketing.



Reach new markets and expand your customer base.

An engaging this or that experience for the brand Naukri - Boss Sauce

Social Media AR Marketing  

Filter You has certified creators building effects on Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. We advertise anything from Gamified AR filters, Try before you buy experiences to AR product demos to name a few.

To activate advertisement of these effects, we are channel agency partners with Snap, Facebook and Tiktok.

Our AR marketing catalysts adopt a consultative approach to make sure your experiences reach the right consumers ! 

On Ground Retail Marketing

To integrating AR experiences on packaging to actual products, to advertising your AR experiences on Newspapers to Retail outlet and standees. We do it all.

Filter You also creates AR Installments and AR Fashion mirrors to Custom VR experience spaces. 


Influencer AR Marketing 

At Filter You, we instigate user generated content and virality with Influencer Marketing for your AR experiences.

We spread the word through targeted micro-influencer campaigns, ensuring your brand message reaches the right audience to maximize its impact.

Filter You’s Influencer Catalysts handpick micro-influencers who possess a perfect blend of reach and authenticity to connect with your target audience. 

These micro-influencers will showcase your interactive AR/VR experiences in a genuine and engaging way, driving brand awareness and fostering trust with your potential customers. 

Metaverse Marketing 

Filter You creates True Social verses depending on your brands' needs using state of the art technology on platforms like Roblox, Fortnite and Sandbox.

We advertise your metaverse with influencers on Twitch and YouTube.

Sandbox  - NFT gallery

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