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Filter You makes custom app deployments on Vision Pro and Oculus Pro headsets - to bring an entirely new version of reality to its brands and consumers.

Filter You’s Metaverse solutions are Hyper real, Glocalized, easily accessible and personalised to suit everyone’s needs.  We don’t only create metaverses, we market them with influencers on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Instagram and so on.

Filter You is your one-stop shop for crafting custom Metaverse experiences. We leverage cutting-edge technology on Unity and Unreal Engine to build.

Metaverse Solutions

Redefining reality with True Social Metaverse capabilities

The future of digital is all about the immersive Metaverse.
The Metaverse is a captivating virtual world where consumers make digital avatars of themselves to explore, work, play and even shop ! These virtual worlds are connected to each other and can be accessed through VR headsets and even phones !

Physical and digital realities are colliding, creating a revolutionary space for brands to interact with customers on a whole new level in the ever evolving digital landscape.

Spatial office/conference/workplace

Gamified Metaverse

Top games like Minecraft, Roblox and Fortnite have billions of users playing the experiences every month. This represents an incredible opportunity for brands to tap into the younger audience and influence a strong brand recall. Filter You creates custom worlds and makes your brand a custom game to deliver a truly one of a kind social experience. 

Metaverse Solutions - Roblox Experience - Filter You clothing store.

Virtual Showcase

Filter You crafts immersive experiences that allow users to explore your products in stunning 3D.  Imagine customers interacting with your products, zooming in on details, and accessing information seamlessly – all within a captivating virtual environment.

From crafting multi sensory museums, engaging virtual concerts to a virtual tour of Tokyo, Filter You creates custom journeys to fit into every brand need.
We’re here to revolutionise your customer experience now 

Sandbox NFT Gallery

Retail Metaverse

The future of shopping is here!  Filter You creates immersive retail experiences that replicate everything you love about physical stores - product discovery, browsing, and checkout - all within the exciting world of the Metaverse.

Better yet, we integrate commerce into these worlds, where users can discover your products and decide to buy them. 

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