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Social AR Experiences

With Filter You’s Award Winning True Social AR you will wave goodbye to dead engagement ! 

Forget the like button, ditch the tired comments – it's time to revolutionize your social media engagement with jaw-dropping Social AR experiences.

Filter You is a Fun Young Gen Z social AR team. We are certified for creating AR filters on Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and Facebook.

Mad Over Marketing-Mommy Awards 2024 - Award for best use of AR/VR and Best use of AR Filters

End-to-End AR  Campaigns :
We handle everything from ideation and design to publishing and promotion through AR marketing and micro-influencer partnerships. Our Gen Z team stays ahead of trends, making viral experiences a reality for brands like yours.

We don't just create fun filters, we provide valuable data to help you measure the impact and optimize your branded AR campaign for even greater success.

Quick turn around time

Quick Turn Around Time 

AR Marketing Inclusive

AR Marketing Inclusive

Report Generation

Report Generation 

Innovative and Fun GenZ ideas

Innovative Ideas from Gen Z 

Filter You: Best AR VR developers in the industry

Best in class development

Istagram AR Filters
Instagram AR filter: Dancing. AR Experience for soundcore by Anker.
Instagram Filters

Instagram AR Filters

With over 2 Billion Monthly Active users and almost 60% of them having used an AR effect, Instagram is the perfect place to build lasting memories for your brand. Our recent studies concluded that 80% of users are likely to purchase from a brand after they’ve used their filters. 

AR effects on Instagram generate an uptake of 33% in engagement for brands and with Filter You’s AR Marketing and Influencer Marketing we increase engagements and user generated content by upwards of 90%. 

Gamified AR Filters

Gamified AR Filters

We specialize in creating engaging and interactive AR game filters for brands, We've worked with top companies like Amazon, Porsche, IKEA, Crocs and so on. 

We've made games on social media through filters on various mechanisms like this or that, track racing games, tap to collect, tap and match and so on.. 

Filter You customizes each and every game journey to suit your needs and meet your KPIs.

We create gamified AR filters on channels like Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Web XR and APP XR.  

Bajaj Pulsar N160 gamified AR Experience
Myntra spot it get it snap ar filter
Snapchat Filters

Snap AR Filters

Snapchat lenses have been viewed over 9 trillion times. Let that sink in. The potential to influence brand memory recall on snapchat is huge and Filter You does just that for brands.

Filter You is partnered up with Snap as a channel partner to release AR experiences and advertise them on the platform.

From creating playful fun AR filters to creating product demos, Filter You deploys an extensive variety of tailor made AR filters for brands on Snapchat.

We’ve created fun engaging AR lenses for brands like Crocs, Product demos for Jewellery Arabia, Myntra to name a few. 

TikTok Filters

TikTok AR Filters

2 out of 3 U.S. teens use TikTok daily and United states adults spend 4.43 billion minutes per year on TikTok.
Tiktok is booming all over the world and it is a game changer for brands.

Although comparatively new, Tiktok’s AR has surpassed expectations opening up possibilities.  Filter You has worked on Tiktok AR to create AI effects and gamified AR effects.

Our interactive Tiktok AR experiences are designed to resonate with the youth, spark excitement and drive engagement with your brand.

Filter You is partnered up with Tiktok effect house to launch AR Filters and Market these Filters with AR marketing for brands. 

TikTok AR filter: Transform into your favorite anime character!

Clients : Social AR  

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